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About us

Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am the founder of These last few months I have had the opportunity to share my daily life with my girlfriend who is studying pharmacy in France.

I often heard her bitching that her revision sheet was ugly and that she had to do it over again. She would show me her "beautiful" revision sheets and ask me for my opinion, and to be honest, I didn't think her sheets were that pretty. I obviously didn't tell her what I thought so as not to offend her. She spent more time drawing molecules than she did reviewing her organic chemistry courses.

So I wondered how I could help her, so I looked for the best ways to draw molecules quickly and cleanly. I came to design organic chemistry stencils that was as optimized and practical as possible. My girlfriend was a great help in the design of these stencils. In the choice of the shapes to be included in the stencils, in the size of the lines that the stencils allows to draw, but also in the choice of the material. The choice of material was an important choice, it should not be too thin so that it would not have folds, not too thick so that a maximum of pens can fit into the slots and not too fragile so that the stencils can be stored in its case or bag.

So I thought these organic chemistry stencils could help other people besides my girlfriend, and that's why I created My Chemistry Stencil (

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