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Organic Chemistry Stencil Advanced

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  • Organic chemistry stencil description

    The Organic Chemistry Stencil is a must have for students or professors in biology, medecin, pharmacy, engineering or anyone else who needs to draw molecules or chemical reactions.

    This organic chemistry stencil allows you to quickly and properly draw molecules and chemical reactions according to drawing nomenclature.

    It makes molecular drawings more readable and makes your notes more pleasant to read and more understandable. In the same way that your examiner will fully understand your drawings. He will prefer to correct your copy rather than someone else's.

    The chemistry stencil is designed to help students taking quick and proper notes in class. 

    Shapes in the Organic Chemistry Stencil

    • Hydrocarbon chain
    • Hydrocarbon web
    • Tetrahedral carbon
    • Double link + references lines
    • Triple link + references lines
    • Cyclohexane + references lines
    • Cyclopentane + references lines
    • Cyclohexane bonds
    • Cyclopentane bonds
    • Cyclooctane
    • Cycloheptane
    • Cyclobutane
    • Cyclopropane
  • Organic chemistry stencil properties

    • Length : 137 mm
    • Height : 75 mm
    • Thickness : 0.5 mm
    • Clear
    • Flexible
    • Thin
    • Resistant
    • Long service life
    • 100% recyclable
  • How to use the organic chemistry stencil ?

    The Organic Chemistry Stencil offers 13 shapes which will permit you to draw a large range of molecules representations

    • Hydrocarbon chain : most basic shape which is very useful for molecules that contains atome chain
    • Hydrocarbon web : this shape is very practical when we have an atom chain with several branches on each side, the shape can also complete the hydrocarbon chain shape
    • Tetrahedral carbon: very basic shape that permit us to easily draws links between several cycles, example: triphenylmethane
    • Double bound: good shape for drawing double bounds, e.g. for oxygen atoms doubly bound to carbon atom
    • Triple bound: useful shape for drawing double or triple bound around an already drawn line
    • Cyclohexane / cyclopentane + references lines: these are the two most used shapes of the chemistry stencil, references lines are very handy to draw the molecules uniformly.
    • Cyclohexane / cyclopentane links: these shapes are very useful while drawing molecule containing benzene ring, or cyclopentanes with double links
    • Other cycles: cyclopropane, cyclobutane, cycloheptane and cyclooctane are nice to have shapes, despite the fact that they are less frequent.

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sophia neophitou

Organic Chemistry Stencil Advanced

isabelle derkenne
chemistry sheet for drawing

I really like it. It's very usefull and we can draw lot of chemistry structures. I use it for organic subjec and i will recommend it to friend if they have the same problem